Govt will create develops a million jobs through Kamyab Jawan Programme

As we all know that the New Government is focusing a lot on the agenda of News Employment opportunities for the Youth from the very first day of their Govt. So now Federal Government announced a plan for One million jobs offers name with ''Kamyab Jawan Programme'. This plane of jobs vacancies will execute with the help of the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority to make youth powerful for their future. 

'Prime Minister Imran Khan Kamyab Jawan is a major and Important Part of Youth Programme. Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority (SMENDA) can look at the Pakistan Local Market and international Business Market in order to find Job opportunities for Pakistanis Youth Generation, Said by Abdul Rasheed who is the Head at Youth Affairs Department Officials. 

It is also said by the officials that smenda will provide initial Training and Professional Skills learning to Youth First and Department support personally for Employment and Work Traning. It was also included in the meeting that the maximum number of Young will be facilitated with more jobs chances as it will going to be large and more expanded.  

The United Nations Development Programme's 'Pakistan National Human Development Report' estimates that more than 29 percent of the country’s population consists of young people between the ages of 15-29 years. Pakstan has 29 percent of the population consists of Youth with the age of fifteen to Twenty Nine. This approximation was concluded by UNDP (United Nations Development Programme). 

Annual job creation in Pakistan by The United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

The PTI in its manifesto promised to create 10m jobs in five years as part of its plan to boost economic growth. It intends to target key sectors such as SMEs, housing, tech, education, the green economy, and tourism.

Pakistan Tehrek e Insaf has assured about the Ten million jobs creation would be done in coming five Years as it is on the top of their New Pakistan Program. One of the major sectors on which PTI will focus on is Housing Scheme,  IT Department, Improvement in Education and Learning, Plant for Green Pakistan, Supporting Tourism Department Pakistan. 

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  • Haya 25 / Feb / 2019

    Comtect me plz tell me if teaching in khair pur so tell me

    • Haya 25 / Feb / 2019

      I need government job of teaching plz tell me i very need plz help me

      • HAZER MUHAMMAD 06 / Mar / 2019


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