Pakistan highly recommended BEST tourist destination, create employment opportunities

Due to improved security conditions, Pakistan is now in the spotlight of international travel and food bloggers in the year 2019. The international newspaper agencies including British Backpacker and Forbes have written that Pakistan is now one of the must visit tourist destinationwith hundreds of unexplored natural scenes.

During a recent visit of Azad Kashmir by a food blogger, it came to know that Pakistan has to do basic facilities to engage a large number of tourists to Pakistan.

The beauty of frozen Banjosa Lake at the altitude of 6000FT and the astonishing view of Lusdana at 9000FT was nearly impossible to enjoy due to the cold weather conditions. All of the electric and gas heaters were ineffective. In short, the conditions to survive in the cold weather were not up to the mark. Pakistan’s government must consider these things to create new job opportunities.

The conditions were pretty good in the Muzaffarabad because AJK government is pushing hard to meet the needs of national and international tourists. Due to three tourism corridors, there are bundles of job opportunities.

The AJK government is making new roads, new tourist spots, good food points, new rest houses and much more. All these things are engaging national and international tourists to this area. There are bundles of job opportunities to the local people there. 


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