Naya Pakistan Housing Programme will produce Six million job opportunities

Prime Minister Imran Khan's newly announced Programme of “Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme” is the most aspiring, determined project. He declares these statements in Islamabad in a conference. Five million affordable housing units will be constructed in Pakistan with low expenses and cost. It is one of the major and big projects of his party after Election. People of Pakistan are hoping for the best outcomes after this project. Chaudhry Fawad Hussain (Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting) said while talking to media that six million new candidates and unemployed people would be able to get jobs opportunities in this Project of the housing scheme.

Mr. Fawad also said that Chinese companies and overseas Pakistanis are also welcomed in Pakistan to invest in Pakistan for the Future Progress and Success. In order to talk about textile sectors, He said 100 new units will open soon for working in textile Industries by PTI government. Government is trying to improve the economy. The government had so far planted some 2,500,000 saplings to make Pakistan a Green Pakistan.

Sheikh Rasheed announces three new trains, 10,000 new jobs

An important part of his speech is that He ended with the declaration that PTI government would continue the project of Orange Line and Metro Bus service in Punjab.

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