What is News and How it can Affect your Career ?

News is a new information regarding politics, entertainment, social or cultural lives of others or any event that took place and considered as important for the mass public to know and follow. But the only problem is when people are not trained to perceive the news in the light of the given parameters. What if news that has given to you is based on someone’s own interest and will not be from a reliable source. It has been given circulation carrying some targets. Every news is for a targeted audience. We have seen people criticizing the kind of news media breaks and how some circles of the audiences don’t appreciate the kind of information that is being shared through these channels but the reality is they sell what the audiences want to see.

Other thing is how our electronic media and print media lacks professionalism and is at times inclined towards one party or the other and takes sides. This is not the purpose of media and is a threat to the freedom of media. I hope people realize their duty as audience to appreciate what is right and boycott the rest. Only this can make us a nation which vigilant and responsiveness. 

Staying connected with News and Newspapers, You can get daily latest jobs in Pakistan in Govt sector and Private sector information on daily basis. Not only just jobs you can get a lot of more information which will help in exams and general Knowledge Exams in your life career. 


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