Sheikh Rasheed announces three new trains, 10,000 new jobs

It is announced by Pakistan Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid that 3 New Trains would start from Next Month. These trains will be from Lahore and Faisalabad with the name while Mohnjodaro Express and Rohi Express. He Said, It needs to improve the PR infrastructure.

While talking to social Media, He said: “From Lahore at 8 am, a nonstop train to Faisalabad would depart. On the other hand, From Faisalabad, same would depart at 2:30 pm. List of cities under The Mohenjo-Daro Express train would run through Larkana, Sehwan Sharif, and Jamshoro to facilitate the underprivileged population of the area.”

He said We need 23,000 new employees. 10,000 employees were urgently needed. All we need to get permissions from Prime Minister Imran Khan for further Actions on this project. These employees would get the job on pure merit through proper channels. In these employees and job seekers, initially of guards and drivers will be selected.

Shaikh Rashid shared his reviews about Karachi-Lahore-Peshawar (ML-1) Railway Track and Kotri-Attock Railway Line (ML-2) Railway Track. He said Mainline-I is also important for us in the aspect of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). For Mainline-II, we want private investors via on build-operate-transfer (BOT) basis.


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  • Komal murtaza 27 / Dec / 2018

    I need for job plzzz

    • Saqib siddique 20 / Nov / 2018

      Sir mujha job ki bot zororat ha mare family ma Koi Ni ha kamany Wala plz sir


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