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Everybody wants to be a successful person. Everyone wants to be successful professional, an honored personality, a rich and well-known celebrity. Everyone is allowed to dream like King of a vast emperor but it takes a long time to make your dreams come true. It is true that in this era we have to work fast and consistently but our first attempt must not be so big that we may not give it a second try. In these days people, specially newly graduated student, want to make their career shine in no time. That why they make up their minds take a big start of their career by a big jobs. But they forget that hard work pays off in a long run. If it had been this easy, you could not distinguish the King and its people. Therefore, it is generally advised by professionals that new students should take start from a small job so that they may learn to handle the responsibilities with great care. Moreover, it would help them to understand the responsibilities of new big jobs more conveniently.

“One of the key advantages [of working for a small business] is not being a small fish in a big sea, and therefore you’ll be easily recognized for your efforts and hard work,”says Wendi M.

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  • Nimrah Bashir 13 / Dec / 2018

    Down to work

    • Qazi Muhammad Aqil 22 / Nov / 2018

      I need a job. I have 30 years experience, in Chief Engineer rank, on Ocean Going Tankers (Oil/Chemical/Gas) Ships, Bulk Carrier, Cargo and live Stock Carrier Ships. Qualified UK Chartered Marine Engineer, FIMarEST London and Member of UK Engineering Council. Well confident to handle any job of Marine Engineering & Industrial Field. I am confident in ship repairs and construction in dry docks / shipyards. Age 67.

      • muhammad zubair 08 / Oct / 2018



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