Gateways to new International opportunities by Saudia, China and now South Korea

Gateways to new International opportunities by Saudia, China and now South Korea 

Pakistan has improved its international image in the last year and with the new government in power, so many International brands, companies have been showing interest in investing in Pakistani market. Saudia, China and now South Korea have expressed its interest in investing Pakistan and giving the number of jobs to the citizens. 1500 jobs, for now, means that more jobs will start coming our way in the future which is very good keeping the issue of unemployment in mind. 

Young educated people have been going into depression and anxiety because of the prevailing education conditions and unemployed state of the country. Jobs are less in number as compared to the number of people graduating every year. The competition then gets polluted due to the prevailing corruption, bribery system in the country and people highly doubt merit. People get frustrated to not find jobs because they don’t have any reference to making to get the concerned job and someone who doesn't fulfill the merit criteria. All of this has led to miserable conditions where every young mind thinks of leaving the country in pursuit of finding the jobs. These jobs from South Korea should be welcomed but we need to bring changes to our system, enhance the efficiency of the recruitment system so people can be satisfied with it. There should be a complete ban on the system of using sources to get your deals done because not everyone can give money in bribery or have a source to back them. 

The system can only be changed through policy-making which is unfortunately very weak in our country. Policies are continuously being made and approved of but they are not being implemented at the right time and place. People use power to abuse others, to get what they want because the system is full of discrepancies and doesn't really hold the influential accountable.  

Secondly, alongside these job opportunities, Qatar has shown its interest in investing in Pakistan which will be fruitful in the coming years. All these new initiatives and investment projects might not bring some rapid change or be visible to the public but they will start producing the change in terms of economic conditions, more employment opportunities for the locals, improved standard of living and more wage per hour. These are some of the basic facilities that every country should provide its citizens with, as these are the parameters that shows how much you are investing in your masses. 

No wonder the future will be bright and clear than today and there will be massive improvements along the lines. 

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