Temporary ban on Government Jobs By ECP till 2018 Elections

Temporary ban has been occurred recently on Government Vacancies by ECP Election Commission of Pakistan till 2018’s Elections.  This is said by Election Commission of Pakistan on recent Wednesday. The basic purpose of banning in all new federal, Local Government and Provincial Level is to make the upcoming elections with more clarity.

The ECP also commented that the official member of all Government institutes must know that there will be no hiring after 1st April, 2018 and hiring process will be stopped till these elections going to hold 15 July 2018.

Moreover, all Construction and development growth like water and gas and Roads has been stopped temporarily for General elections in Pakistan. ECP said this is done to confirm the ongoing funds for projects cannot use for in other developments.

With all these restrictions, Election commission also said this statement that public office holders would not use public money for their promotions for elections.

Election Commission sent to letters to secretaries to identify that right now commission is looking forward for near elections. It is written in the letter that “Understandably development schemes such as hospitals, schools, roads, tube wells, etc, are executed through public money, therefore self-projection through public exchequer is by no means acceptable”

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  • Nazim malik 29 / Sep / 2018

    Offic wark job

    • Waleed khan 03 / May / 2018

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