Debate about Health Jobs by Minister for NHS National Health Services Department

In an interview to media Saira Afzal Tarar talked, we need many new jobs requirements at least 1 Million in future till 2030 in field of Health, said by Minister for NHS National Health Services Department.

In Opening Ceremony, she said that it will be necessary for us to be provided a lot of career in Government and Private Sectors in all Provinces of Pakistan for the coming year’s Youth in Human Resources in Pakistan.

In her Debate, She said that now the ratio of creation of vacancies announced is approximately nine thousand but in coming years, it must be increased in Double number and continuously growing in further 5 years. It is the need of this time.

The number of LHWs which means Lady Health Workers must be increased in dual number as from Ninety thousands to one Lac eighty Thousand within some years in the field of Health Care Services. Because without basic need of Health we can never give our best in any aspect of Life, said by Health Minister. National Health Minister also described that many efforts are made in previous years to make Health System better and these struggles for betterment are still in process.

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  • Syed Toqeer abbas 11 / Nov / 2018

    sir me ne vecsenetar ka diploma kea ha or job krna chat hu pliz help me

    • Yasmeen khan 24 / Sep / 2018

      Sir help me

      • Muhammad Azhar Abbas 21 / May / 2018

        Sir g ma drive bhi hu bs koi acha sa kam dy do ma dil lag kr kam kru ga


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