6 Strategies you need to adopt before a job switch

‘The only way to do great work is to love what you do, if you haven’t found it yet, keep looking don’t settle.’ Steve Jobs.

If you are considering for career growth through a job switch to enrich your life, here are some guidelines to move ahead especially if you are interested in changing your job.

According to a reliable international poll approximately 90%of working professionals are considering a career shift and will switch job as soon as they get an opportunity to find a promising vacancy.

Your best course of action to pursue this change should be very strategic,

·        Remember the secret of success lies in the following approaches:

·        Deep insight into the job hunting process

·        A careful evaluation of the job you are looking for

·        Planned presentation of your experiences and abilities

·        All knowledge to prepare the right letters and interview questions

·        The tact of projecting yourself as a positive personality

·        Determination to win

Practice your search:

This is the place where you are marketing yourself, therefore plan everything before the application process .Getting the best job will take time and practice so get a trial by applying for different jobs which you are not eager to take. By doing this you will improve your letter-writing and interview techniques. You will see that your chances of interview increase as your letter-writing ability improves.

Patience is the virtue:

If you have been working for less than four months at your current position, do not think of an abrupt switch; The time you will need to get set at any premises will take approximately six months .Once you are familiar with the atmosphere, you can analyze features of your job that you enjoy which were not clear initially, ,however after some years of working you still feel unsatisfied, then keep an eye for upcoming positions. You should quit your present job only if you have received a good job offer because the unemployment period between two jobs act as a red flag for recruiters.

Dig Deeply:

Broaden your job hunt approaches. Only about 40%of vacancies are actually advertised. If therefore, you rely solely on scanning the daily newspaper, you are severely limiting your horizons. Make sure to survey each and every prospect of grabbing the best opportunity. Internet would be very helpful for you or you can ask your friends, family or acquaintances to look for a good according to your qualifications.

Your Contentment is your Judge:

If your existing job utilizes your talent and giving you a chance to present your skills, then it’s not good to quit the job for money. This present job is now serving as a long term investment for you to maximize your potential. In contrast if you think that repeating same task everyday is not providing you any chance to learn something innovative then it’s better to search a new job. The role of the compensation in such case depends on your priorities.

Direct Approach:

There are many benefits of approaching the employers directly. In such case you will have a big advantage over others, you will probably have no competitor for the job as the job has not been advertised. Any letter sent to the organization must be specifically composed. Duplicated letters are quickly picked and will reside in garbage bin.

Extra Efforts:

If you are not happy with your current job and are unable to find alternative employment look for methods that make your work more rewarding. Many organizations are willing that their employees involve themselves in community services. This results in productive work force. Try to present your volunteering as well as your co-curricular activities to your employer. This will add your experience and put you in the first line to get hired.





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