Latest Government Jobs in Pakistan

Sindh Coal Authority Govt of Sindh. Jobs in Sindh Coal Authority Government of Pakistan. New Career Opportunities in Govt Sindh Coal Authority. Latest Job in Sindh Coal Authority Govt of Sindh. Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC) is combine development Enterprise between Sindh Government and Engro Corporation which is established in 2009 and its working to develop power projects.. Government of Sindh owns 51% of the company. Govt Job of Sindh Coal Authority are display on this page.

SECME Government of Pakistan include in construction of power plant when 2017 is completed. Its main project is based on equity ratio and company raised almost 1 Billion from Chinese banks and 300 million from Pakistan and remaining financial amount from sponsor. SECME is establishing other power plant with partnership of State Power Investment Corporation.

Sindh Coal Authority Govt of Sindh also produce electricity in different phases. The first phases was complete in almost 4 years while new unit will be added later. These deposits are invested in Development project. The international conference of coal are held on 2011 and the objective of this conference is develop alertness, show potential and attract deposits and mark creativity of Government in the development of Thar coal in Province and its declared as 2nd Biggest in World ranking. This conference can be attended by the international and national specialists who are expertise in developments and qualified. Stake holders also attend for review company's efforts.

This conference create better response delivering and which cause participation in panel discussions and energy challenges to get modification details in development plan and technologies. It’s also help to increase partnerships and opportunities of investments and make contacts with industry leaders.