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Administrations wing of SGA and CD under the reasonable direction of the main secretary Sindh manages the foundation matters of the authorities of the legislature of Sindh including the government authorities who are on assignment with the Sindh government. The most critical part of the administrations wing is to offer its profitable arrangement contributions to enhance administration situation in the territory. It edifies commonplace government by giving rule through an arrangement of approach that accomplishes the coveted targets. 
The administration territories taken up by the administrations wing include: exchange and posting of the administration authorities; advancement instances of the authorities, matters identifying with retirement, benefits GP Fund, Ex-Pakistan leave, assimilation of the representatives of the surplus pool, ponder leave, limit working of the officers etc.The instances of the enlistment on child share are investigated in the administrations wing of the SGA&CD. Contracting experts for different specialized assignments and confining their terms of employing is the unmistakable purview of the administrations wing. It is the administrations wing that find out the opportunity position against which the enlistment must be made by sending order to the SPSC (Sindh open administration commission).