Latest jobs in Securities and Exchange Commission 2021. Securities and Exchange Commission Government of Pakistan. Securities and Exchange Commission Pakistan. Securities and Exchange Commission career opportunities. Securities and Exchange Commission vacany. Securities and Exchange Commission is behaved as a finance control agency which main responsibility is to develop latest and appropriate corporate sector and capital market. Govt secp jobs 2021 are display on this page.

Securities and Exchange Commission is an organization which is operate under the ministry of finance in the supervision of government of Pakistan. SECP is the branch of CLA which is abbreviated as Corporate Law Authority which was started in 1997. The main objective of this organization as play role as administration authority and financial independence to handle the changing and modification in Capital market of Pakistan in the order of government of Pakistan. The duties of SECP was increased since it was established; insurance sector, non-banking companies and other are added to preview of commission. Securities and Exchange Commission also externally worked also which include chartered accountants and other in corporate sector of Pakistan.