Latest Government Jobs in Pakistan

Latest Jobs in Punjab Public Library 2021. Punjab Public Library government of Pakistan. New advertisement about career opportunities in Punjab Public Library Lahore 2021. Punjab Public Library Lahore is a public library for every ciitizen's of Pakistan which contain official researches knowledge as well as literature. Govt Punjab Public Library Lahore jobs 2021 are display on this page.

Punjab Public Library Lahore are established in 1884 by the lieutenant governor of Punjab and its main purpose is to provide well maintained and helpful knowledge of all categories for the every citizen across Pakistan. This library is located in Lahore city of Punjab Province near the old campus of university of Punjab. The library contain all collection of various fields of knowledge and education and its based on millions of books in numbers 

The main objective of this library is for use by everyone which is contain multiple range of data in hard form related to every field of knowledge and provide library without any fee that will contribute a huge step in country establishment and also for those people who thirst for knowledge.