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Latest Jobs in Punjab Halal Development Agency. New Job advertisement in Punjab Halal Development Agency 2021Punjab Halal Development Agency government of Pakistan. New Career Opportunities in Punjab Halal Development Agency 2021. Govt job in Punjab Halal Development Agency 2021 . The Punjab Halal Development Agency responsibility are referred to its name to verification and analysis of food and take steps to reach halal food across the Province. PHDA jobs 2021 are display on this page.

Punjab Halal Development Agency was established in 2012 under the supervision of Government of Pakistan and its responsibility are referred to as keep halal food availability in market. International buyers are willing to purchase certified products on food atom and Punjab Halal Development Agency performing these task very precisely. PHDA also support by other food department by authentication and detail of food item passes the test to called Halal food. 

The main objective of Punjab Halal Development Agency is to spread halal food and process in Province and which product are import or export in national and international borders are based on purely halal certified items.