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Punjab Blood Transfusion Authority. Search Jobs in Punjab Blood Transfusion Authority 2021. New Advertisement in Punjab Blood Transfusion Authority. Punjab Blood Transfusion Authority Government of Pakistan Jobs. Latest Advertisement in Punjab Blood Transfusion Authority Govt of Pakistan.  The main objective of Punjab Blood Transfusion Authority include registration and verification of blood banks, issuing licenses to those blood banks who fulfill the minimum criteria of processing. Punjab Blood Transfusion Authority also take surprise and annual visit to blood banks for check the status and working of blood banks. Jobs in IBTA Government of Pakistan 2021 are display on this page.

The World Health Assembly has passed various procedure in many countries since 1975. This assembly main function is to spread widely the development of blood transfusion services which is based on non-salaried blood donors and try to  pass effective law which review by the blood transfusion services. WHO try to make clear and pass an effective law which standardized with policy of action, and willing to acceptable those strategies and policies by blood transfusion services and also with blood banks. 

In Pakistan, all the provinces of country has passed their perspective on blood safety. The Blood Transfusion Authority Government of Pakistan was established in 2005 under the ordinance. When ordinance has passed the blood banks cannot cross the limit of law and solving compliance is compulsory in BTA. The government of Pakistan established BTA building in Islamabad named "Islamabad Blood Transfusion Authority" in 2005 with the notification of representation of experts and security forces both in public and as well as private sector .