Public Relationship Punjab Lahore. Latest Jobs in Govt Public Relationship Punjab Lahore Public Relationship Punjab Government of Pakistan. New Jobs in Public Relationship Punjab Lahore 2021. Career Opportunities in Public Relationship Punjab Lahore 2021Public Relationship Punjab is responsible for the publicity of an any media to general public and handling broadcasting information. Govt DGPR Punjab jobs 2021 are display on this page.

Public Relationship Punjab Lahore is established in 1940 and then it is upgraded as Directorate General Public Relations of Punjab and it is supervised under the government of Pakistan. DGPR Punjab is an important support of Punjab government who deals with broadcasting of information to general public. It is also responsible for Public Relation to perform essential duties that mainly operate on implementation of policies and development activities. Media companies are strongly contact with it and its also informed government about the reaction of general public feedback on recently broadcasting activities.

DGPR Punjab perform actions for try to understand of functions and activities of government through media mass to general public and analyze the feedback from them and report it to government to appropriate further actions. These are also arrange activities both cultural and social and relevant circumstances seminar for awareness and enhance in Public knowledge.