Privatization Commission. Jobs in Privatization Commission Pakistan. Search Latest Advertisement in Privatization Commission Government of Pakistan. New vacancy of Privatization Commission Govt of Pakistan 2021. Privitization Comission Pakistan is performed as transforming govt company to private company which can be handled by few members or peoples. New Jobs in Privatization Commission Pakistan 2021 are display on this page.

Privatization Commission is operates their activity under the supervision of government of Pakistan and functions are include, make a strategy for implementation and management of Privatization programme. Create an suitable offers in according to according to program and considers those functions which are advisable for commission. The main purpose of this commission is to transform public enterprises to private for their growth and production in well defined manner and also arrange motivation for public enterprises to meet their desired goals according to well managed Privatization programme.

The goals of Privatization Commission Pakistan include implementation of highest standard operations with honesty and balance in every action which will be performed by commission and take full responsibility to customer and fellow worker relationship upon their decisions and actions and these decisions contain stakeholder point of view also.