why you should take risks in career?

Why You Should Take Risks in Career?

Some of the people go according to the set patterns and are not the fans of risk-taking in life but some people think that risks are something that drives you towards success. Choices are what makes you and those choices can sometimes come up with risks. There come to some decisions in life that you are not sure of and where they will lead you in your future but then you have to take those to see their result. There are a different school of thought on this very subject and the division is there and I would try to make it simple for the readers.

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1. Opportunities come with risk-taking

People tend to view risk-taking as negative, something which is termed as dangerous and unwise to consider. Some risks might not turn out to be a success but some will definitely turn into success. It is time to reframe how we see risk-taking and try to view it with a positive lens. Sandra Peterson, CEO of the $10 billion business Bayer Crop Science, knows well. She told Forbes in 2011.

2. Boost in confidence level

One shouldn’t shy away from taking risks if it comes in the way of your dreams and goals. Risks set you apart from the crowd of people who feel more satisfied in following the old norms and follow the status. Risks will make you a leader of your own and not a mere follower of the status quo. Tamara Abdel-Jaber, who is the CEO of the tech company Palma and was named one of the 100 Most Powerful Arab Women in Arabian Business Magazine in 2011, told Women 2.0:

The way I see it, many people in ... [the Middle East] don’t have many resources and knowledge. In order to stand out, expend a little extra effort ... I am passionate about knowledge and pursued that from an early age by working hard in school and have continued to do so throughout my life. Jobs Opportunities in Lahore

3. Learning from Risk 

Risks taking not only bring outward changes, the changes that are visible in our personalities and how we ought to think but it also changes us internally and some of the changes might not be evident at that time but certainly adds to our inner growth. Heather Rabbatts, the first female share her feeling in an interview with BBC: I think I’ve always felt that there was something quite exciting about taking risks.

4. You Can't get success without struggles

Risk-taking might not prove to be personally or professionally beneficial at the time of it but it will give youth path to follow. The path that will lead you to your destination one day if you keep on pursuing your ideas, dreams, and opinions. Huffington Post interview, Kay Koplovitz said in one of her interviews:

''You really have to put one foot in front of the other and start on your journey. You have to be comfortable that you don’t know exactly how you are going to get to the results that you want to see. There is going to be experimentation along the way.''

5. Playing safe will never end at something Extra Ordinary 

If you always try to be on the safe side, please everyone and avoid every possible confrontation then you aren’t going to make your dreams a reality. When one stands up for herself or his dreams then people will definitely oppose, label you as different because of strong people with a mind of their scares those who aren’t willing to speak up. There will be friends who will try to calm you down on what you have and how risks will only lead you to failure but that’s not true. 

For all professionals and especially young women, the world outside our comfort zone can be huge and scary. It’s time to leave our comfort zone; time to go after what we’re passionate about; and time to achieve our dreams.

6. Less Fear of Facing Failure 

Risk-taking changes you as a person, a person who is more fearless and acts regardless of the outcomes. If you are too caught up thinking the about the outcomes of a decision then you might end up not taking deciding anything. Arianna Huffington has long identified the fear of failure as a major roadblock to success. She told Business Insider last year.

7. Taking a risk doesn’t mean, You are stupid 

Risk-taking might come with quick results, you took a decision and it proved to be beneficial to you personally and professionally but this might not be the case every time. One should be able to comprehend that the results might not fall where you want them to be but you still have to show courage to cope up with the unexpected failure. It will be easy if people start to keep failure as a possible option in their minds, when all you do is think of success then you can’t make up your mind around failures. 

To sum this up, I would like to conclude by the saying that: ‘If you are born poor then that is not your mistake but if you die poor then that is’. The point here is that what you are born with is not your fault same as it is not someone’s achievement but if you cannot make something for yourself in your life then that is your fault. One needs to get out of the possible excuses and start working on themselves and on their dreams, take the possible opportunities and choose from the available options and then it will be your destiny. There will come failures, hardships on the way to become something but you should be strong enough to not let yourself break at some of the failures that come along. You shall be hopeful and confident of the work you have put in and the results will come better.

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