Why Government Jobs are more needed in Pakistan

Government Job is one of the main priority goals that most of the Pakistani Students have in their mind before Graduation. In Pakistan, the importance of Government job is touching sky limit due to all the benefits and authority that comes with the job. Most of the students even start preparation of the government job competitive exams before their graduation. Importance of Government job is valued everywhere in the World but, In Pakistan, it is one of the most precious Goals that if you achieved you will secure your present as well as your future.

There are certain reasons behind the fact that Government jobs are more needed in Pakistan than anywhere in the world and these reasons are following.

1. Lack of opportunities

Pakistan Private sector is not providing as many jobs that can cover the number of youngsters that are graduating every year and now trying to start their professional life. If a country will not provide a sense of professional security to their young generation how they can expect that their youth can do any good to resolve the issue of Country. More Government jobs in Pakistan are needed to help Pakistani youth to play a part in the development of their country.

2. Secure Future

Pakistan is a 3rd world country and not lots of international companies are trying to invest in Pakistan. This means that Pakistan Private sector is not offering such kind of Jobs to our young generation that other countries do. This is producing a sense of insecurity among youngsters of Pakistan about their careers. Other Pakistani Private companies are offering jobs to young people but they don’t provide any surety of Job security. Pakistan government jobs like PPSC Jobs are one of the most secure career options that students can choose from.

3. Salary Package

Local private companies are also not providing good jobs to these students. Even after getting 16 years of Education and losing quite a handful of money students are being offered the job of just 25000Rs. This is not worth their talent and time. On the other hand, Pakistan Government jobs departments like FPSC jobs are not even providing a sense of security to these candidates but also providing a then handsome amount of salary as well. Even the least grade job in Government of Pakistan  is paying more than these private companies.

4. Other incentives

The best thing about Pakistan Government jobs is that other than the salary the government employee also enjoys different incentives that private jobs don’t give you. A private job just offer you salary against your service but in a Government jobs, you guys will have the following luxury benefits like

  • Life Insurance
  • Health insurance
  • House (17 grade or above)
  • Car (17 grade or above)
  • Pension

and many more.

These are some of the benefits that you guys need to know about that Pakistan government job provides.

5. Authority

Pakistan is such a country where if someone has an authoritative job people respect him. Being a government officer there are many things that you can enjoy that a civilian cannot. There are different government sectors in which a normal Pakistani civilian cannot enter but if you are a Government officer you will have access to that place.


After looking at all these reasons behind choosing a government jobs there is no denying that Government jobs are great options to choose. There are not lots of jobs are being offered to youngsters so it is Government responsibility to provide more Government jobs so our youngsters can feel that they have a secure future.


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