Top 10 Government Sector Jobs that Offer Best Work Life Balance

In Pakistan, professionals strive to work at government sector because of pportunities of career growth, job security, benefits and annual increments. Every year thousands of professionals appear at recruitment examinations and assessment tests as NTS to try their luck in getting a job position in government sector. One of the many benefits of government sector is comfort and well adjusted working hours. Work-life balance in job is goal of every hard working professional; the following mentioned 10 government sector jobs in Pakistan have stability and flexibility for the employees offering them a well deserved work life balance.

1- Jobs for Teachers in Govt Sectors

Government teachers earn justifiable salaries, have shortest working hours, summers are off for them and opportunity of growth is always there. The work of a government teacher is not as demanding as private sector teachers, respect is served and sick leaves and annual paid leaves are granted. In fact, education department of Pakistan provides deserving spare time to their full time employees to enhance their academic skills and study further without compromising their social life.

2- Foreign Service Officer Jobs

The perks of foreign services are voluminous and one of its aspects is work life balance. The Foreign Service officers spend most of their job tenure in abroad; have limited work commitments, massive salaries, lush accommodations and family travel and health care allowances. Besides highly dignified work life and respectable designation, foreign services officers enjoy delightful social life. You can get jobs notification at foreign services department by newspaper jobs ads.

3- Jobs for Engineers in Govt Sectors

The job of engineer is synonymous to mental and physical exhaustion in general. But in government sector, engineers have less stress and work load than private sector, there is no threat of job dismissal if the project ends, salaries are attractive and there are no extra working hours involved. In fact, at government sector engineering jobs, the employees do not carry the burden of perfection on their shoulders and are only responsible for their own assignments.

4- Jobs for Lawyers in Govt Sectors

The government sector lawyers are legal advisors of the government for policy making, constructing legislations for tax payers, ensuring justice and writing legal documents. Government sector lawyers have jobs at different governmental departments; they have satisfactory salaries, annual increments, accommodation allowance, suitable working hours and tremendous career growth opportunity.

5- Jobs for Doctors in Govt Sectors

Doctors are trained and educated to serve the ailing and their duty is incredibly tough but at government sector, doctors have plentiful advantages. They doctors jobs in Pakistan have specified working hours, unburdened life style as compared to private sector, yearly increments and career enhancement possibilities. Government sector doctors are treated with respect by the populace and enjoy amazing wok life balance.

6- Jobs in Wapda House

The executives, technicians, proposal writers, electricians and all officials at Wapda have comfortable work. While doing job at Wapda House, the employees have accommodation and electricity billing allowances, pensions and gratuity packages, suitable working hours and company offered travel facility, salaries designed justifiably according to work and annual increments, sick leaves and annual holidays.

7- Jobs at Pakistan Cricket Board

PCB promotes and develops the national level and international level cricket game in Pakistan. PCB has jobs of strategists, financial analysts, coaches, planners, organizers, fitness experts, physicians, support staff and others. Jobs at PCB have work life balance; travel opportunities, accommodation and health care facilities and career enhancement possibilities part from sustainable job. Jobs at PCB are updated here for interested candidates.

8- Jobs for Computer Scientists in Govt Sectors

The computer science professionals are required in every field now. But mostly the work of computer scientists in the private sector is most demanding and stressful. In government sector of Pakistan, the computer scientists are not only paid highly but have work life balance and allowances. Computer scientist’s jobs are available at military, foreign ministry, police for cyber security and engineering/IT departments.

9- Jobs for Economists in Govt Sectors

An economist is policy maker, analyst, qualitative and quantitative evaluator of global and national economical trends and conditions. The economist have vital role in a governments financial policy and economical development. It one of the highest paying job in Pakistan’s government sector with large salaries and perks. Though their work is complex and intricate but there working hours are well adjusted in government sector. You can search accounting and finances jobs from here.

10- Jobs for Nurses in Govt Hospitals

There is no specific working hours in the private sector for nurses but at government sector nurses’ jobs have adjusted work load, working hours and convenient atmosphere. They have attractive pay structure, paid holidays and sick leaves, free health care facilities and annual increments. Regular training camps of nurses and skill enhancement training sessions are also held by the government for offering further room of career growth.

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