Top 10 Banks that Offer Jobs in Pakistan

Pakistan has many banks but some of them are more on the front with respect to their advertisement and popularity among the people. Every person has a defined set of priorities and what kind of facilities they look for while choosing a bank. These banks also advertise employment opportunities from time to time. Some of the banks like State Bank of Pakistan, National Bank of Pakistan, Standard Chartered, Bank Alfalah, Habib Bank Limited, Mezaan Bank, Allied Bank, Askari Bank, MCB Bank, Faysal Bank, and Al-Habib bank post about their banking jobs on social media as well.

A few days back, State bank of Pakistan had come up with a wonderful job opportunity and they advertised it on digital platforms so people can access it easily. The employment advertised tried to incorporate many of the fields and the basic requirement was of graduation. They also made the process easy for the people who might be interested in applying to secure their future.

The same way ‘Internships’ during summer vacations are quite popular among the students of different course levels. Some of the banks have come up with Internship programs to train the youth how to work in a full-time job environment and they are also offering a quite reasonable amount of money for it. The dilemma of these internships happens to be the unpaid nature of it. Many people criticize these internships as a mechanism of exploiting young students and fresh graduates to get the work and satisfying them with a mere certificate. This culture of unpaid internships has to be stopped as people should be paid for their work and their enthusiasm to work will only increase given the incentives.

The above-mentioned banks are operating at a large scale in Pakistan with having more than 1000 branches in different cities across Pakistan. This gives us the rough idea of the number of employment vacancies that they are producing with every branch in a different city. Also, these banks operate on a very well-defined system of promotion and recruitment which ensures accountability and check and balance. The banking sector takes time to reward someone in the means of promotions but skilled people are welcomed everywhere and they make their way to the top with handwork and diligence.

These banks advertise employment opportunities for students in the form of internships, contract-based jobs for people who don’t want to settle in for long or the ones who are looking forward to trying these options to see the best fit. Also, there are permanent jobs for the people who came in as Interns but are willing to continue the work and pursue the job as their profession. These jobs are not high paying ones at the start but the incentives gradually continue to grow with time. Where there are not many job opportunities for people, these internship programs introduced by the banking sector are a great help to keep people motivated and not let them fall prey to depression or stress following unemployment periods.

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