The Impact of Technology on Employment in Pakistan

The Impact of Technology on Employment in Pakistan

Development of technology has had its negative and positive impacts on employment. On one hand, its impacts have been widely appreciated and with that comes some of the disadvantages as well. The positive aspects of it are increased productivity, efficiency, performance and at the same time the elimination of the risk of human errors and mistakes. 

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The productivity of work increased with the industrial revolution when machines were introduced and work started to happen with the help of the machines. It made it possible to get more work in less time and with less effort as compared to human physical work. This further goes to increase in efficiency, which means along with productivity, we are getting better work. It is easy to carve out designs and ideas and implement them with the help of machines and produce identical articles whereas, with the humans, it is quite possible that they won’t be able to make the same product with the same articulation and perfection every time and it demands more time as well. All of this made the world accept the machines as the advantages to use them are quite in number. They were getting better performance at a rapid speed and who doesn’t like that? 

The owners want to expand their business, come up with the best and cheapest product in the market. The technological revolutions, the advancement in every field, communication hurdles have been removed and with that, the world has become closer and accessible. It is extremely easy to reach out to other states these days, people can send messages in seconds, sell their products to the other part of the world by sitting somewhere entirely different and this has definitely changed the whole employment ethics. The way people used to work a decade back is obsolete and the patterns have modernized, the requirements for getting employment have changed. 

If one wants to get a job, he should have the knowledge of computers and other modern-day skills which are very much appreciated and must haves to secure a job these days. People are starting their own businesses; everyone has access to the market whereas it wasn’t easy for small investors to start a business in the past. The world is open to everyone and the ones who have the skill and talent to make it to the stage. 

The Internet has made it even faster. People have carved out employment opportunities online. People have an online business and are very much running everything from behind the screen of the computer. Entrepreneurship is highly encouraged and anyone with an idea, with the right amount of knowledge and with the determination to give it a try using the modern-day techniques is going to be successful. The Internet has given a platform to the people to showcase their talent, craft and whatever they want to the whole wide world and if people will be interested in buying their idea, product or whatever it is then they can start from there.  

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