The Impact of organizational Behavior on Employees and Employment

The Impact of Organizational Behaviour on Employees and Progress of Your Job 

The prevalent issue of organizational misbehavior and it impacts on the organization’s work and the repute. The intensity of the misbehavior varies and it can be done to achieve some personal gains, the act of vengeance against a fellow colleague and out of some animosity as well. One of the other types is to benefit the organization, employees at times misbehave with other companies or people to extract beneficial results for their own organization. Should this type of intentional organization misconduct be condemned like others?

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Many of the researchers have tried to dig deep into the cause of organizational misbehavior and according to one of the researches there are three types of misbehavior and the one relevant to our argument is ‘OMB type O’ which is performed intentionally to benefit the organization. Vardi and Wiener (1996) discussed these varying types of misconduct in an organization. The research focused on human traits and nature and how this relates to misbehavior and also sheds light on the type O in detail. It explains how people involved in this type are driven by the connection they have with the organization and do this out of loyalty. They are attached to the ideology of it and are willing to carry such behavior in order to benefit the organization but the question arises how is that organization going to condemn the other types of misbehavior when they are allowing type ‘O’ for their personal gains? This behavior focuses on the perceived interest of the organization and the intention of the employee is to benefit the organization by a deliberate violation of policies, rules, and regulations Hosbay (2014). He further discussed how alarming this situation and can get serious anytime resulting in dangerous violations of policies in the future. This might come as beneficial to the company in the short run but is ethically wrong and can get damage to the company in the future. 

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Employees who can deliberately break the rules to benefit the company can break the very policies to benefit themselves as well. The researchers are of the view that any type of misbehavior irrespective of the benefits should be punished and dealt strictly and one mustn't make any distinction owing to the profits.

To sum up the whole debate, it is quite clear that there shouldn’t be made any distinction while punishing any type of misconduct/misbehavior based on who is benefiting and who is not. Any type of misconduct can lead to more dangerous situations and the toleration of type ‘O’ can give courage to other employees to misbehave on personal levels and this can put the life of the other employees at risk. Type ‘D’ is all about how employees target other employees and harass them. A company cannot put the life of their employees in danger just to seek petty benefits and is morally and ethically wrong. The implementation of rules and regulations shouldn’t be partial and this will advantage the company in the long run.

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