The Impact of Global shift in the recruitment trends on Pakistani employments

As I am now a bit free of domestic responsibilities, I decided to look for a part time employment .Being in forties is really a con associated with job search as I have crossed the age limit to attract potential recruiters.

The most drastic element that surprised me while performing this job hunt is the shift of recruitment criteria .Surprisingly this shift not only has  attacked Pakistani hiring procedures nevertheless it effects the global market. Today the recruitment landscape is totally strange for me and I don’t know how to pursue my job search activity.


Right now, the application procedure, the interview process, and employer expectations are all changing.

This digital world has introduced new processes and priorities in recruitment and has established innovative challenges for job seekers. Recruiting strategies have grown over the period of time all over the globe.

Digging deeply, I explore that there is a great variance in the use of these newly introduced recruitment methods depending on the size and nature of organization.

It’s obvious that internet serves as the biggest game changer in the hunt for real talent. Many organizations in Pakistan have taken full advantage of internet –based recruiting. Managers of big companies have an opportunity to install the all-automated recruitment procedures. The idea sounds strange for newly-established local companies, yet they are adopting such fresh techniques to certain level.

Many companies in Pakistan are using questionnaires instead of resumes which typically demands personal info like name, gender, age and education.

One UK based company has adopted blind recruiting process by asking six questions instead of screening resume, which will then be used to shape down the list to begin the interview stage.

Unilever, one of the renowned company of Pakistan has define their recruitment criteria which comprises

1. Online application

The prospective candidate has to fill an online application form and submit it at the given website’s address.

2. Profile assessment

A profile assessment was then conducted consisting  of 12 short online games that look at different elements of your cognitive, emotional and social traits.

3. Digital interview

Later, a digital interview will evaluate the competencies via asking the candidates to solve real-world problems using Unilever set-ups.

The interview includes two components .The first part has three short hypothetical questions, followed by a business case. The candidates have to record and complete their interview at their convenient time. All you require is a computer, webcam and/or smartphone, and a stable internet connection.

Discovery centre day is the final stage of the recruitment process where the candidates experience a number of exciting activities and projects including meetings with staff members and executives.

Likewise,renown institutions have adopted latest recruitment techniques and have introduced psychometric as well as language proficiency test in their hiring approaches.

The recruitment and selection criteria at Engro Pakistan comprise 4 branched approaches to test the leadership competencies .The process includes:

Online applicant registration form

Online testing

Screening Interviews

Case study based assessment

Group Activity based assessment

Business case competition based assessment

Dinner with Management Committee

Interviews with Management Committee

The famous beverage company Coca Cola recruits the employee through the following procedure

Completion and submission of e-application

Initial interview

Employment testing

Background investigation

Preliminary selection in HR department


Medical tests

Hiring decision

Hiring through online career portal is another booming trend in recruitments. The career portal offers a customized career portfolio for individual employers .Today, many leading companies in Pakistan like  Metro Pakistan, Mobilink, TCS, and Warid have their career portals powered by career websites and this help to develop the real  HR brand for the company.

Preferring entry level candidates upon experienced workers is another trend of recruitment. P&G is the prime company that adopt the trend to hire fresh university  graduates through internships and management training methodologies. This company believes in adopting campus recruitment drift and has creatively designed competitions to pick well-versed, emerging talents.

Social media websites are very common platform to hunt prospective candidates and to take them to the right job/profession. More than 90% companies use social media for recruiting their employees. The highly visited social networking websites for recruitments are LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter. In Pakistan LinkedIn is the site mostly visited for the purpose of hiring.

Contacting employee referral is another approach to select the right candidate as the reviews from the acquaintances or the previous employer are very significant and it is said that the employees that are selected upon referral comments stayfor longer duration on their assigned designation

I have surveyed and researched a lot to get these realistic information so if you are ready to search for a job ,explore the latest trends of recruitment and adopt current strategies to get hired. BEST OF LUCK!

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  • Trevor Noah 16 / Jan / 2018


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