Qatar announced 100,000 Jobs

Qatar a newly emerging country in the Gulf region is the new and lucrative market for investors to invest their money. Qatar Economy mostly depends on Petroleum Products and Natural Gas reservoirs and they are 70% of the total government revenue other than that they are gross domestic products and export earnings which outright the government revenue. Qatar has the world third largest proven natural gas reservoirs and the second largest gas exporter of natural gas, with a population of 2.7M and the grand total GDP of $340.6 billion with 2.1% of growth. Qatar has the least unemployment rate in gulf countries with just 0.1% of the total are not employed. Qatar Economy now ranked 3rd in the Gulf and neighboring North African countries. Their Economy will be further boosted as they are the host of FIFA WORLD CUP 2022, more investors are more interested after that event, the tourism revenue will be generated by that event. Pakistan is a close friend and alley of Qatar, recognizing their strategic and geographical importance.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government set a new plan for Employment

Qatar Ambassador was on a formal tour of Pakistan, where he met with PM, President and other state members announced a total of 100,000 jobs for Pakistan people, he added that this number of jobs will lower the unemployment rate and ultimately inflation rate will decrease. Qatar considers Pakistan, an important friend that's why Qatar is interested in investing in Pakistan. Qatar also inaugurated it's Visa Facilitation Center in Islamabad which will facilitate Pakistani people to have easy access to Qatari Visa. 

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