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Every job opportunity has an important phase through which the employer decides that either they should hire you or they shouldn’t hire you. That phase is the interview which is based on queries that vary from company to company. While preparing for an interview many individuals may wonder what the employer is going to ask during an interview. However, it is impossible to know what questions they might be asking regarding which topics so it is important to do some preparation regarding interview question and answers as there are many common questions that every employer asks and by having some knowledge regarding those question you can make a great impression on the employer during the interview. If you are wondering what sort of questions they could be here are some popular interview questions with the best ways to answer the interview question.   

  • Tell me about yourself

The employer usually asks this question during the interview in order to start the conversation and in order to know your background. The main reason is to analyze what kind of personality you possess. In order to make a great impression start by telling about the important details like your current activities and what makes you qualified for the job position.

Best Possible Answer: Currently, I serve as the Manager in my organization and I have the keen responsibility to manage all the staff according to company guidelines. My past experience of 5 years has really helped me in developing the ability to anticipate obstructions and create effective alternative plans. The great attribute is my ability to work independently which helps the CEO to save their precious time so that they can easily focus on the company’s growth.

  • How would you describe yourself?

During the interview of all jobs in pakistan, if you are asked about describing yourself, the interviewer likely is interested in knowing your skills, capabilities, and characteristics that can help their organization. In order to make a good impression try to include quantifiable results that can help your interviewer in believing that you have the abilities that are required to succeed in the role.

Best Possible Answer: I would say that as a security officer, I’m vigilant, proactive and committed to ensuring safe, secure, and orderly environments. In my past job experience, I received a 99% against the team average. By documenting all previous incidents I would like to be detailed as being a lifelong learner, my ability to continue working towards finding out better ways for doing my job. I frequently seek out various suggestions about security management which comes from a high level of motivation by putting meaningful effort and contribution in my work life.

  • What makes you unique?

Interviewers often ask questions like this in order to know that what exactly makes you distinguishable from other candidates who have applied for the same job position. The possible approach towards answering this question could be you’re your answer is more focused on a perfect fit for company and job position. It is difficult to know how other candidates may have answered and what kind of capabilities they have but describing your best traits and qualification will let the interviewer know that you are the best match for that job position.

Best Possible Answer: What makes me unique is my experience of teaching young students who are from different backgrounds and with the passage of time a have gained so much experience and grip over how to manage a good classroom environment along with handling various kinds of students. I have mastered the techniques of how to taught and tackle all the queries of students by providing them with a discussion-based classroom environment so students can learn best and most of it.  

  • Why do you want to work here?

In order to determine whether you have done some prior research about the company the interviewers usually ask this sort of question. The best way to answer this question is to know about the organization in which you have applied for a job. Interviewer will likely be interested in knowing why you have chosen their company and how you see yourself as a good fit in their organization. Most importantly mention what you like about their company that appeals to you and can help you with your future career and aims.

Best Possible Answer: The company mission to help students with the latest trends by providing all sorts of educational content has motivated me towards becoming a part of your organization. So that I can also contribute to helping students.  I would love the opportunity to work with a company in order to make a visible difference. The optimistic and comfortable environment of your organization makes it ideal for any candidate to work with you.

  • What are your goals for the future?

The most frequent question asked in the interview is asking about your future goals and aims. The interviewer asks such quires in order to determine what you are looking for long term stay in the company or short term stay. Employer does not like candidates who are just looking for short term stay as they want somebody to work with them in a long term period. The best approach towards answering this question could be stating your goals that align with the company's need and let your employer know about your ambition, expectations for your career and your ability to plan ahead.

Best Possible Answer: Being an innovative person I have my keen focus on becoming better and more improved with the passage of time. Like currently I am looking for a platform that could help me in enhancing my skills. One of the reasons I’m interested in working for this company is that working with your provided platform I can learn a lot and be beneficial at the same time. However, with the passage of 6 to 7 years, I will be able to manage this whole responsibility that is required for this job position. I believe this experience will serve me well in achieving my ultimate goal of someday leading a marketing department.

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?

The interviewer often asks this question in order to understand how you have imagined your future life and what are your expectations for your future and whether that future image includes the company or not. The answer should be based on points that justify that their organization can help you in fulfilling your goals and you can accomplish your future image by working alongside their organization.

Best Possible Answer: In five years, I’d like to be a writing expert who is well versed and can write content that is innovative, interesting and well written and help the user to get the most out of it. Having an eye for creativity I would like to be known as a writer who can create amazing content that is demanded by the organization and the audience. In achieving these goals I definitely see your organization as a complete package for a route to success not for just myself but for the company as well.

  • Why should we hire you?

When the interviewer asks this question it may seem a bit intimidating at the moment but generally, the hiring manager asks this question in order to know why you are best suited for the job position that can give them visible idea regarding you are a perfect candidate and by hiring you company can get all the benefits that are related to that job position. The best approach is not to feel intimidated perhaps feel like you are given another chance to explain your attributes and traits which makes you unique among other candidates. 

Best Possible Answer: I have skills and experience in order to do the job and I can provide the best results. I am passionate about my work and to be having a curious mind I like to deal with the challenges by exploring more about the problems and resolving them in the best possible way. My skills and knowledge in this field can provide you so much benefit for the company’s growth.


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