PMYA to launch cash grant program for rural, marginalized youth

PMYA to launch cash grant program for rural, marginalized youth 

Youth is a very important part to grow the economics of any country. W has a major portion in our population is a young generation which is a great opportunity for our set a powerful economy. This is the perspective the government has launched the Prime Minister Youth Affairs Programme (PMYA). This initiative has started with the corporation of other Project like ‘Ehsas’ team. This project team will introduce the cash grant on its way. This facility will be for rural and marginalized youth. Right now they are focusing on this portion of youth.  

In an official note, they have described that on the very first step team will empower the youth to establish their own business by making them financially strong enough.  

This is also said in the agenda that these top five points will be highlighted and implemented officially in the coming time.  

  1. Employment
  2. Economic empowerment 
  3. Civic engagement 
  4. Social protection health  
  5. Well being especially marginalized youth 

It was also included in the speech that one of the major need is to make them strong mentally and socially so that they can make their life better and ultimately can play a better part for the economic growth of the nation. This participation can improve a good society with many good outcomes.  

This point was also raised in the meeting that ‘’this is another way to provide independent and the environment full of opportunities to our youth''. We also need to set new trends with emerging development fields and setups.  

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