PM Imran Khan’s new housing policy will create new jobs

The continuous instability of our economy has most affected the common person. The daily used items to luxury items everything is being taxed and the standard of living is not getting any better. Employment opportunities have long been in discussion and how the governments have failed to provide jobs to the people. Most of the people are unemployed or are living a very tough life with less earning and more mouths to feed.  
Pakistan has been lagging behind because of the policies and their implementation. Policies are being made for a few people and the interest of the common public is often times ignored. This has led us to the point where people are frustrated, annoyed at the system and how the system has failed to provide them their promised rights.  
The growing incompetence, the sheer negligence at the part of the institutions and the growing class difference had made people insecure and lose faith in the system. The institutions are rotting off bribery, references, and corruption. Educated people who struggle for years to get the degrees when faced with these ills of the system, they get discouraged. 
Half the population is living under the poverty line, most of the people have one bread earner who makes ends meet in the house and even if their children get some education after years of hardships, they will come across the bad practices, where immorality is on a high, corruption industry is booming and you will only get a job if you have a reference which is an actual slap on your face and your degrees. 
Graduates, even risk their lives when they see such an incompetent system who is not based on merit, who looks down upon you and snub your voice. This becomes suffocating and the mounting pressure leads to some of the very unfortunate events. Suicides are extremely painful when your loved ones just take their life because they couldn’t make it. The system disappointed them to the core and they couldn’t take it anymore. 
The governments in power have always resorted to some temporary solution to the very serious unemployment issue. The announcement of some loans seems great but in the long run, it is not. Opening up a technical school, for the time being, is okay but how many of these schools have actually produced anything productive? How many of these schools have actually transformed the unskillful youth into skilled people who can earn something? There should be a check and balance over these institutes to evaluate their performance over the years. The money is being spent on these institutions when the country is dwelling into loans. 
Coming towards the current new government in the house, it is pertinent to see how they are going to meet the promised targets. Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf has a huge fan following comprising of the youth. It is often referred to as the party of the young people and how it has made them politically aware. The politically aware youth is beneficial in times of elections but it also performs as a check once you get elected. 
They have announced a housing scheme which will provide cheap and affordable housing to the underprivileged and poor people in the country. The target was criticized to be unrealistic and something that simply can’t be achieved. It was named as ‘Naya Pakistan housing scheme’ and under these 10 million houses will be built within the next 5 years. This scheme was planned out keeping in mind the current economic deficit and the employment shortfall in the country.  
The first phase of the scheme has been started with the application procedure, rules for applying for a house and the installments of payment. It has been started in different cities where people can easily get the application forms for free from the Nadra office and get it filled. Then, will follow the process of assessing the application and how and when the house will be awarded to the concerned applicant.  
Imran Khan is quite hopeful that this scheme will work not only in providing shelter to the people but also uplift the economic conditions. The investment will come and investors will be happy to invest in a project that is not going to fail because there is a need for this project. The project met with criticism from the opposition parties who called it unrealistic and how the government won’t be able to build 10 million houses in 5 years. 
It can be said that such a huge target might not be achievable but targets are usually set high so they can motivate and even if half the number is achieved, it will make makeup for a start. It is being reported on the official site of Pakistan Tehreek-I-insaaf that is the project is multi-dimensional. It will provide 10 million jobs to the unemployed people in the skilled and unskilled sector. The numbers are being quoted by the team and that is will curb the growing pressure of unemployment on the people.  
This initiative also means that there will be job creation in the banking, security and insurance sector as well. The building industry will not benefit the unskilled labor but also the skilled educated youth which is yearning for opportunities like this to start their career off with. It connects so many fields together that the success of only this project means the success of so many Pakistani’s who have been facing adversaries for years now. 
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