Pakistani universities are producing graduate immigrants of USA and Australia rather than skilled professionals

Pakistani Universities are Producing Graduate Immigrants of USA and Australia rather Than Skilled Professionals

Our education system is full of discrepancies, incompetence and outdated mechanisms. Education is the key to any country’s success, but our governments are not willing to pay attention to the education system on the ground. The work done on paper, in assemblies is of less importance when nothing is there to be seen on the ground. The country is literally divided into sections when it comes to education and everyone is pursuing what they can afford.

There are madrasa children who don’t get to learn anything other than the Quran and how the madrasa’s treat them is questionable, but no one has ever tried to incorporate them into mainstream education. Then the divide is of government education and private education. Fortunately, if you get out of all that then unemployment, depression on not finding a job after graduation is waiting for you. The system is in such bad condition that no one is willing to start calling out the culprits of it because they have contacts, deep roots into the system that no one can name-shame them.

The prevailing unemployment and the mockery in the name of research, outdated syllabus and professors force the students to think of migrated to other countries. Developed worlds is very charming and appealing because the way they treat you, value of work and wage system, opportunities and facilities and where if you have the talent and desire to achieve something then you can without even having a resourceful person at your back. 

We have often heard of the word ‘brain-drain’. It has been in use for the past many years and frequently enough that everyone almost knows it by heart. The media cries every now and then on how we are losing the great minds to USA, Australia, Canada, and other developed countries. Governments also like to conduct talk shows on the topic, present the reasons for the happening of the phenomena and how we can stop it but all this end with the show’s end. Everyone seems to not highlight the actual cause of this brain-drain and why most of the graduates want to pursue their higher education from Europe and America. 

Our universities are working in the colonial times with the slave mentality, they don’t want to come into the 21st century because it's easy to live in the colonial times. They have positioned themselves on the chair of their masters and tries to regulate the system with a stick. They have few favorites and the favorites are the ones who obey them irrespective of their incompetence’s. Students who really want to learn some skills, research on something are their least favorites. The government institutes are a sham, Professors place themselves above the law and thinks that no one has the power to question them. Students are suffering in the hands of such Professors who are supposed to perform as their guiding angels, role models, and mentors. This is forcing many of the young minds to leave their country and get settled in a foreign country where there is accountability, sense of responsibility and respect for your work. Where professors don’t get the inherited right to scream, abuse their students because they have the position to do so. why shouldn’t then 

Do people do not think of a place where there are respect and appreciation for one’s work?


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