Never Give Up in your life, NEVER

How much easy it is to say someone that Never give up at any cost. But How difficult it is actually to maintain hope and remain positive in unhealthy and Depressed Situation. No doubt it is one of the most dangerous situations in human Life. Most of the human being disappoint at this stage in Life. But you know This is the most valuable stage for uplifting with a broken heart by collecting all parts of yourself which you are thinking, they are useless.

Many people said Aggression is bad for your body. I disagree with this statement. This is aggression about something or someone that can lead an outstanding spark. It is a failure that can raise you up again. Yes. You read it absolutely right. There is no Success without Failure. How can you learn without making thing wrong? Then why are you feeling hesitation in making things wrong? Why did not you choose the path that can lead you to your passion? Again First thing is to find out at what things or Profession you are best at. Remember nobody is going to tell you that dear, choose this field or that profession because with this you can earn a lot. No, Never ever someone tells you that “bro, you are amazing in Writing Poetry or you can become a doctor or teacher”. Remember, nobody can find you, It must be you to find your passion, your best of best.

FAILURE IS NOT DISGRACE (We fall to rising)

Second thing, don’t be so late in finding your life goals, your purpose of living. The Truth is nobody is average around us. But he/she choose the wrong direction, that path actually does not belong to his or her passion inner spark then yes, they become an average person.

Stop being nonserious about your life. It is a one show game. Once you will lose the chance you will never get it back. Then why be so average. Why are you not discovering yourself now, right now? Use your skills wisely. Use your superpowers. If you do not know your passion, don’t worry at all.

Try different thinks, Read different subjects, learn more, Experience different Sides or different fields of life. Never stick to something which does not give you inner satisfaction and peace and charm to improve and grow. If you are not feeling comfortable with one thing they don’t ever hesitate to try another. It is about time. Some people can find their way at an early age some will find later. BUT IT DOES NOT Matter. What matters is trying, making efforts, discovering your passion, your burning spark.

We are human beings. We can make mistakes. Making mistakes can never judge that you are not intelligent or you are a slow learner. Look, if you will try something you will make mistakes. If you will not work on something, of course, you will not make any mistake.

Don’t look anyone to help you in finding yourself. No one is going to spoon feed you in this fast life. You are your only hope. You must be your best friend. You can be a miracle for yourself, But only if you are loyal to yourself. Do something in this one chance. You can be your hero. Good Luck.

 Exercise Your Brain and Keep Your Mind Sharp

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