Jobs for youth in PTI 100-day agenda 

One of the promises that Prime Minister Imran Khan made in this 100 days Agenda is Jobs for youth. He was said in his speech, for the economic growth, Pakistan needs to produce more career opportunities to the people of Pakistan. PM agenda was also included the idea producing the framework of 5 million houses. While defining the agenda, PM was discussed fixing the Energy Sector of Pakistan.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Progress and management was one of the Key points of his Agenda because it can improve the economy rate as a long term. While Imran is trying to make reforms in Institutes and matters, opposite Parties are talking about the incapacity of PM After these 100 Days.

It can be said that these 100 days were the learning experience for the Government under the leadership of Khan. It is the need of the time that Government should make new policies and make the amendment to the old one. So that Pakistan Currency can grow economically. The government should provide a large platform to the Youth of Pakistan. Because providing Employment in Govt and Private Sector was one of Khan’s major point of Talk all the time so far.


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  • ali rahman 03 / Jan / 2019

    Sir I need job

    • Muhammad Asim 13 / Dec / 2018

      matrik clear and karachi job

      • Samreen moeen 07 / Dec / 2018

        I have completed my m.a English i need govt job

        • Farah Parveen 18 / Dec / 2018

          I completed Msc zoology I need a job in Punjab

      • Arooj fatima 06 / Dec / 2018

        I need a job for psychologist.... Or as a lecturer for the subject of psychology

        • Hafiza 05 / Dec / 2018

          I need a job in rawalpindi

          • Tehmina khan 03 / Dec / 2018

            Have any opportunity overthere for clinical psychologist coz in gvt level jobs also placement for clinical psychologist


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