Job opportunities will also be created after the revival of the tourism sector by PTI

Job opportunities will also be created after the revival of the tourism sector by PTI

Recently the minister of tourism and sports Atif Khan said that Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) government is playing a great role in the revival of the tourism sector. The tourism industry is one the overriding industry of Pakistan. Tourists from all over the globe come to visit Pakistan and endeavor pleasure. In the past, there were issues of terrorism in the country but in the past 5 years, this is overcome. There are many job opportunities, which are coming due to the promotion of the tourism sector. The government is planning to make special task force as tourism police for the security of tourists. The jobs for management and tourist guides will also come due to this. 

In the speech of PM Imran Khan in Doha, Qatar, he said that other countries like Turkey and European countries are, making billions of dollars with their Tourism industry but Pakistan has much more beauty than those countries, but we are not cashing this thing. When the tourist will come it will also boost restaurants, hotels, medicine, traveling, photography and security etc. The northern areas of Pakistan has so much to explore it is amid in the eye capturing beauty of nature. The pivotal steps of government will create new job because for dealing with people they need new staff and new workers. Other than government jobs the businesses will also be promoted like if someone has skills of photography he/she will give this service to tourists. In the past years many travelers and vloggers came to visit Pakistan which is also a healthy sign for foreign people. As the government has announced now about the promotion of tourism sector more tourists will be attracted. The government is also giving loans to young people to start their business; they can invest their money in tourism sector. The steps by ministry of postal services by opening guesthouses for public is proved very fruitful for the tourists. As the inexpensive guesthouses attracted more tourists. 

Many job opportunities will be created when more tourists will come to Pakistan. Government is also planning to explore the unexplored areas of Pakistan.  Moreover, when new beauties of Pakistan will be uncovered they will also need more people for its maintenance and people with those specific skills will be highly preferred. The young people of Pakistan need to focus on the skills and degrees before the jobs will be announced. Because after the revival of the tourism sector many jobs will be coming including: 

  • Hotel Management
  • Tourist guide 
  • Security forces
  • Photographers
  • Doctors
  • Engineers

Tourism is one of the oldest sectors in Pakistan due to its natural beauty but due to lack of focus on it by the past government, it is not promoted. The PTI government is determined to generate revenue from this sector. It is a great step for the people of Pakistan because it will not only give jobs to the people but also enhance the living standards of the people. 

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