How sports Affect your Health

We all love different Sports in our Life in our youth Age. Sone of them make this a passion, others adopt it as for a Hobby. Others take it as a profession. In any of these cases, It results in the form of good vibes in our life and Environment. Sports always help you remaining Active Physically and emotionally. 
Interests in Sports differ by the Country, reign, and Ares and also Resources. It also depends on the LifeStyle of Rural and Urban. Many sportsmen are enough Pro that their records never break by anyone till this time. Most Common sports in the whole world include Soccer, Badminton, Hockey, Cricket (in Asia) especially very famous. Although Pakistan's Nation Sport is Hockey by time Cricket became more popular in Pakistan and Also in India. The love of Cricket in Pakistan is really inexpressible. All ages and all Generation love this Sport with a full heart. 
Sports also create a feeling of bearing something which is going against ourselves. It tells us how to perform best at the time of high loaded Pressure. Keep our bodies fit, healthy and structure form. With the Development of Time, Video Games are taking place of Physical Games. Which is somehow not really cool. Our Youngster is going into the phase of depression and anxiety. 
No doubt Games and Sports keep our mind fresh and away from many unwanted thoughts. This is definitely very necessary to be a creative and sharp mind. 
This is the best platform to release energy and aggression rather than putting it to any human being. I personally recommend that either you are a politician, Businessman, a housewife, a Student, An employee in a firm. Never leave any sport or physical Activity which you love. It will obviously change your life routine in a good way. You will feel happy. 
On the other hand, Don't take games as a battle or war. This will not good in any way. Plan any weekend Activity with Friends, Colleagues, Partners, Family Member, children and with your parents. Stay healthy, Stay happy.  
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