How Jobs Opportunities for Women can improve Economy of Pakistan?

How Jobs Opportunities for Women can improve the Economy of Pakistan?

Women are equally talented and hardworking as men and there shouldn’t be any gender-based discrimination against women. The world has been very vocal about the role of women in the economy and other walks of life. They are as human and have the same kind of ambitions, goals, and targets as men. The issue is not that serious in the developed world as women are quite free to pursue their dreams in the developing, they share positions with men at every rank and are allowed to participate to the best of the capabilities. There is still a need for work to be done to include women in almost every sphere but in comparison with the developing world, the developed is far better in providing women with basic rights.

Pak Army Jobs For Females

Freedom to choose, to associate and to work is everyone's constitutional right and it doesn’t discriminate against women or anyone in the society. One cannot take away the constitutional right of someone just because you don’t feel the same way or it doesn’t go well with your belief system. Working women are not just contributing to their households or to themselves but to the economy of our country. Half of the population of Pakistan is based on the female gender and if you still insist on keeping them away from their basic rights of education, work then you are being partial. 

The founding father of Pakistan was very much in support of the women rights and working women, Indeed, it was the women in the Pakistan movement that represented the movement same as men and the ever-living example of it is the sister of our founding father Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah. One can clearly point out that she was privileged to participate alongside many other women in the Pakistan movement and to some extent that argument makes sense but that time we didn’t have our own land and a sovereign state of our own where we can pretty much implement any law that we choose to. What is holding us back now from making policies concerning the women rights? What holds us back from raising our voice for women education, the liberty to work anywhere and everywhere and the freedom to choose for themselves. We have been reluctant to talk on these issues just to go with the popular opinion but the raising world pressure, the suffering economy, and the changing trends have forced us to consider this.

List of Govt Department in which Women can Apply

The world has changed a lot in the past many years and it will keep on changing at a speed which can’t be paced down. The need of the hour is to include that more than fifty percent of the population in our mainstream and not only include but to give them the environment, respect and comfort level that they deserve. The economy of our country is going down and this has increased inflation which has made it difficult for the men to earn alone and support large families. The women of the house have to work in order to keep the house free from pressures, to share the load with their male partners and to fulfill the dreams of their children. And for that matter, no one should bat an eye or judge the working women based on their partial perceptions and opinions. The country needs their talent, work, and support in order to progress and develop.

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