Govt plans to establish HRDAC department to train the youth

Govt plans to establish HRDAC department to train the youth

The biggest challenge for the current government is to provide employment to the unemployed youth and the graduating lot which will increase the number of unemployed people in the country. The country needs youth to be self-sufficient. The youth of the country was relying on this government as they were very keen and motivated by the support, they got from the youngsters. It is time to fulfill the promises and payback to the young population and doesn’t just left them to realize that all of it is the same as it was before.

Govt Department in which you can apply for jobs

The special advisor to Imran Khan on overseas Pakistani’s Syed Zulfi Bukhari showed his interest in building up of a network comprised of the people who want to paint their ideas into reality and gather them together by providing them with the platform. They will constitute a department named as ‘Human Resource Development advisory council. The council will be of 15 people and it will work towards addressing the issues faced by the youth and the suggestions related to include the youth into the mainstream. It is to train the youth, provide them with the necessary skills to apply for jobs at domestic and International level.

The ministry will hire educationalists who are willing to transform and bring some change into the existing system and also the policymakers in collaboration with the youngsters. He brought the attention to the issue that will be there in the coming three years, the issue of unemployed youth and all the stakeholders would have to work together to manage the crises that can arise if neglected. He also stressed upon the need for a curriculum that not just include lectures but practical knowledge and the training to survive in the competitive world. Students should be made to learn some skills during their university time so that they don’t have to face disappointment in the name of jobs when they enter the market.

The government is also trying to bring about reforms in the education system to introduce a uniform syllabus and system across the country. This will eliminate the current differences among students based on status and class and how one student gets to enjoy great opportunities because he has the money to afford and others can’t. There should be equal opportunities for every student regardless of their social standing and status. Students should be made practical, know the practical life and how to survive in tough situations. Most of our students have zero experience when they enter the markets and fails to handle the job pressure. This makes them doubt themselves, the system and their abilities which aren’t doing any good to them and the state.

The country has to provide its people with skills to work and afford a good life for themselves. The system will have to change to adjust to the new practices of the world.

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