Govt jobs are best when you live in Pakistan. They give you security and authority

Govt jobs are best when you live in Pakistan. They give you security and authority

The private professional sector of Pakistan makes is a least popular choice for job seekers because of uncertainty and unannounced dismissal from job positions. The fresh graduates aim to pledge their working hours to the firms which provide them financial security, permanent job position, opportunity of professional growth and retirement plans. In Pakistan specifically, the youth has penchant towards attaining government sector jobs because of multidimensional benefits during serving years of employees and after their retirement. The factors which make government sector jobs best choice in Pakistan for job seekers are discussed below:

1- Fair Salary Packages

Every employee aspires to have a fair salary package that pays wage for his/her work deservingly. Government sector jobs in Pakistan are the most highly paid jobs as they are designed according to qualification levels and working hours of employees. The government revises salary packages each year and increases some percentage according to rate of inflation.

2- Secure Employment

The government sector employees have a smooth and care free employment tenure. They have professional contract for life time without any worry of annual financial budget trimming as done in private sector. The governmental employees have assurance of fixed contract and in case of any budget cut they will be informed in advance rather than on spot dismissals as in private sector.

3- Undemanding Working Hours

You can work only according to your capacity. But capacity is the word unknown to private sector. The employees are being pushed to their limits in order to keep a job position. At government sector in Pakistan, employees have fixed working hours, duly assigned projects and fair input of work structure. The government sector allows employees to relax out of work zone and assigns just working hours.

4- Opportunity of Growth

The salary increment structure of government sector organizations is merit based. The opportunity of growth is accessible to each of the employee. By giving various promotional examinations of government sector, each year employees elevate their professional rank on merit and achieve higher salaries and employment benefits. Those who fail to attain promotion at present can try in the next years which fair enough for all employees.

5- Employment Benefits

The government sector employees have benefits of medical insurance for their and their families, annual paid holidays, paid medical leaves, permission to apply for financial loans, government paid accommodation, exemption from utility bills in some percentage, emergency allowance, education allowance for children, retirement and gratuity after years of services. Some governmental organizations even offer job positions to children of their employees after their retirement in their place. Moreover, the most attractive feature of government jobs is that without any efforts each year the salary package receives a raise in annual budget for all governmental employees.

6- Lesser Work Stress

The government sector organizations do not burden their employees with extra work. The employees have least stressful work load to execute on annual basis without fuss of results as in private sector. The assigned projects to government sector employees with flexible time frame which can be easily covered. They don’t have sacrifice their weekly and national holidays to meet project timelines as private sector employees stressfully do.

7- Respect and Authority

A government employee is official of government. He has authority to access higher authorities of other governmental departments because of his designation and profession. Unlike other civilians, the government employees do not require to stand in the queues for allocation electricity meter, legal approvals, official documentations and other government related procedures. At their own offices, the government employees are treated with respect because every employee is government servant not subordinate of other employees.

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