To subsist in front of the recruiting employers, today’s youngsters must have a clear and calculated direction for where they want their career to go and they must ensure that decision making is in line with career objectives.

Unfortunately, many Pakistani students struggle hard to find jobs and later they are forced to join a career outside their field of study and obviously are not paid well.

It’s time to explore the real cause of such unemployment or misfit employments. Students should determine the gap between their expectations and earning realities.

3/4th of employers in Pakistan are not satisfied with the quality of graduates

Almost every employer believes that the field of study does not match their personality type.

It was not the resume, nor the qualifications and certainly not the name of institution that mattered. In the end, what really matters is your practical approach, positive attitude and impeccable skills that will take you to indefinite heights.

The Current Demands:

It is a fact that the pass-outs of certain well known institutions of Pakistan are instantly hired and even companies are ready to recruit them during their studies. Is it only the school’s reputation? or there are some other hidden strategies executed by such esteemed institution to prepare their students with outstanding personalities.

Basically these institutions are very attentive towards the current job market demands and thus prepare their students accordingly. If you do not belong to any such institute you can take advantage of this approach and should keenly search the latest perspectives of getting hired.

One executive from a reputable multinational company has commented that most Pakistani MBAs who apply for jobs don’t possess the required skills necessary for those positions; therefore employers prefer to hire graduates from renowned institutes because they are far better than other university graduates.

The Valuations:

Gaining exceptional GPA is not counted a guarantee to get hired on ideal jobs, rather academic marks are the least valued factor in hiring. The factors that really counted are stated from most to least:

·         Applicable qualification

·         Personal Presentation

·         Soft Skills

·         Practical experience

·         Grades

·         Extra- Curricular Activities

Strategies for Getting Hired:

To develop such skills a fresh graduate has to learn certain strategies:

·         Getting acquainted with the current job-market demands

·         Doing comprehensive research on the company you apply to

·         Developing effective Verbal Communication skills

·         Displaying Positive Attitude in inexplicable situations

·         Grooming up the physical personality

·         Building-up team Working capacities

·         Upgrading your Critical Thinking

·         Increasing sustained Self Confidence

·         Improving the Written Communication skills

·         Superfluous Stress Tolerance

·         Edifying adaptable behavior

The Bitter Facts:

The other side of the story is that some companies are interested in hiring the cheapest candidates, therefore the real worth of eligible candidate remain underestimated.

Another faulty concept that makes graduates desperate is that higher education is always a prerequisite for getting hired on a job. This approach is responsible for the foundation of uncounted private degree awarding institute working on quantity not quality. Thus a great number of graduates and post graduates students are awarded every year with very few career opportunities. This unbalanced employee-employment ratio has created a great unemployment scenario in the country.

The Solution:

Primarily it is essential to identify what employers are looking for and how to make the right impression

Besides company websites, it is also useful to apply at reliable job-sites, job fairs and other hiring networks.

Approaching your personal networks of family, friends, former employers and university acquaintances

Behave seriously with your resume as it reflects you to the potential employer.

Nowadays recruiters are very serious about interview techniques therefore prepare well for an interview session and get a thorough study of the post prior attending the interview session.

Most multinational as well as renowned local companies have initiated analytical recruitments based on several tests. Prepare well in advance to attempt these test and try to get excellent scores.

Thus there are still many approaches which can be adopted to get hired on your choice of job the fact is that how determined and striving you are to earn your dream career in Pakistan or abroad.

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