Employment Conditions of women in Pakistan

We are living in a Country where the ration of Men and Women are almost equal according to recent research by the Global Gender Equality Index, It is noted that 48% population is covered by Female Population. This is not a new change or value but We are maintaining this Ratio by last Seven Years continuously. This research was based on different components like education, Healthcare performance, Political Participation, and Educational Involvement. 

With a Report, it is also notified that Pakistan is on the position of 146 in taking part in economic and Employment/Opportunities side. Similarly in the field of Education Pakistan ranked in 139th position. On the scale of Political involvement, Pakistan is at the level of 97th. 

At the same time, Pakistan is facing challenges in producing more jobs opportunities for Male and Female both. Women suffer more and pass through cultural stereotypes and are not much appreciated for working. As this decrease in growth will also affect the status of the whole country. This can be the reason for the lack of Leadership in Women as it has discovered that only 2% can be successful in the leadership role. 

There are many causes depend on the effectiveness of Women workplace professional career here are some of them. One of the major reason is the lack of fine infrastructure. Other is harassment cases. Another important reason is less support after children and marriage from own people and relatives. That's why the number of female workers can decrease in time. 

OICCI stands for Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry is working for the improvement in the policies for Female of Pakistan. Regarding this, an initiative was prepared in 2017 with the coardination of UN Women. Regardless of all this situation, many women are getting good and nice opportunities just like in Pakistan Army Jobs for Female. In many other govt departments, a great quota fix for Women in different fields. 

Different Organization is working for providing equal working opportunities for both Genders in all business and Employment Sectors. This is very necessary for the success and Prosperity for the future of Pakistan. Women have a great potential which can play a vital role in the individual and as a whole nation growth. Have a look at the recent Announced jobs for Female in different cities for different Profession. It is a common concept woman can do just teaching this also need to change. Our history is full of intellectual women. 

List of Govt Departments and Jobs advertisement in Pakistan 

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