Do grades matter when getting a job?

Do Grades matter when getting a job?

This question never goes out of demand and people always research write and try to answer to it in their own way when a child is born in our society the parents start to think of his education and what will he become grown up. The school systems are even more disappointing as they make children’s cram all the syllabus then the race for positions are instilled in the young minds and from there the journey of chasing marks and not dreams start and it keeps on going even in the professional life.

Students graduate with the hopes of getting a suitable job and the ones with low grades steps into the markets with fear; the fear of rejection because of low grades or to never make it in front of the toppers. All of this not only shatters the confidence but also the dreams of many. No one has the time to look deep into every student and discovers his potential. What if someone couldn’t perform in the exams, he might be good at carving out new ideas and is not afraid of taking risks? 

Choose Your Profession Seriously

But, most of the companies don’t have the time to dig deep into and hire people on face value. They hire the ones who looks promising in the CV or who has the skill to perform well in the interviews. I am not undermining their skill, it definitely is important to have the skills of communication and keeping yourself at peace in such situation but is it justified to judge people and their talent on the basis of grades? 

Many of the gold medalists around us doesn’t a word of the real world. They have just crammed the syllabus well during the years and are creating an ideal for the rest of the students who might know what is actually happening around them? If we are going to award jobs on the basis of transcripts of the students, then we surely are going to miss on many of the brightest of them all. Some of the companies are on a lookout for those who might not have performed exemplary in the classrooms but have the talent and skill to make a name for themselves. 

Also, many of the fields doesn’t work with exceptional grades, they work if someone has the skills. Like, computer sciences, engineering, media studies are such fields where grades matter just to make it to the criteria, other than that it is the skill that matters. If a student has excellent grades but doesn’t know how to perform those programs, then those grades will be of no use.

The culture of pressurizing students to get exceptional grades have already taken many lives. It should be okay if your child is not an outstanding student in maths but is good in arts, it should be okay if a child wants to pursue his passion for music and not engineering. We are continuously making humans turn into machines and those machines aren’t even happy. If someone is good at what he does then anyone will hire him and if he’s not then no one is going to hire them regardless of the grades.

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