Creation of Job Opportunities by Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Youth Council

PM has recently taken an amazing step by getting the membership in SCO. They are working for the development and betterment for their member countries and their Youth Council to help Pakistan. They have announced several job opportunities for the Youth in Pakistan so they can use their energies in a positive manner and help their motherland in development. The jobs will be given out then and it will add to in curb the rising unemployment in the country. The representative of Youth Council explained the media with the actions he has taken to change the view and mindset of the Pakistani Youth and how jobs will be advertised and given out to the deserving ones and the ones who meet the set merit, and how these jobs will help the youth in the future. 

According to an official of Prime Minister Youth Affairs Program (PMYA), Pakistani youth would be given training as per international level to improve their skills for operating their own business. He said that youth would be offered job opportunities across the globe in various sectors with the assistance of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). He said that Pakistan has recently secured permanent membership of SCO that would help country promoting the skills and works of its youth at international forums

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