CPEC will create 700‘0000 employment Opportunities for Pakistanis by 2030

CPEC has a great impact on the Pakistan’s economy in upcoming years. Pakistan is suffering from financial crisis nowadays and these crises will increase its impact on Pakistan economy in the future.

To compete with this crisis Pakistan needs to create jobs for youth and try to reduce the unemployment rate. China, Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC) will help the Pakistan to create jobs which make the Pakistan economy stronger than ever. According to the CPEC center of Excellence, Ministry of planning, Development and reform of Pakistan showed that indirectly CPEC would help Pakistan to create more than 1.2 million jobs in the future and directly provide 75,000 jobs to the Pakistan. More precisely, this mega project is going to create 700,000 new job opportunities for the local peoples of Pakistan till 2030.

Chinese companies also subcontract a large number of projects to local Pakistani companies, in order to help Pakistan to make its economy stronger than ever. As we all know Agriculture is the backbone of Pakistan economy. So, the Chinese companies also share their advance techniques and successful experience with Pakistani local farmers that will help Pakistan transform its human resources into advantages. Chinese companies also drill wells in different areas to help locals to solve their problem.

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  • JAhanzeb 10 / Jan / 2019

    How can we apply sir?

    • Shahban Rajpoot 10 / Jan / 2019

      How Can I Apply ??

      • Shahban Rajpoot 10 / Jan / 2019

        How We Apply ??

        • Sumama 09 / Jan / 2019

          Respected Sir, i'm B.Sc qualified with double math & physics and obtained 59% marks which field I can try plzz Guide me I'm orphan and want a job


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