CPEC is favorable for Pakistan’s economic stability: the Chinese envoy

Yao Jing, the Ambassador of Chine, wiped out all the thoughts related to the negative and hatred perceptions about the CPEC. He also said that this project will be beneficial for both countries. This will also bring economic stability to the Pakistan region.

CPEC will create 700‘000 direct jobs for Pakistanis by 2030

During his visit to the University of Peshawar, he said, Chine wants to bring economic stability to the whole Asia continent. For this, they are opening six economic corridors. The CPEC is among all of them. This will bring the people of China and Pakistan closer to each other by lowering the regional distance.

He met Lt. General Retired Asad Durrani, former ISI head and Prof Dr. AzmatKayat Khan, the former vice-Chancellor of UOP (University of Peshawar) and many others.

We have a very good history of amazing good relations with each other. On the other hand, China and Pakistan are also good at sharing military cooperation. But this is not the end. Due to the COEC, our relations will become stronger, said Mr. Yao Jing.

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Latest jobs 2019

He also said that it is not a political project for the Chinese. They want to bring two nations closer to each other on the basis of good relations that can come only through economic stability. 

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