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Pakistan medical and the dental council is the institution that deals with doctors and everything related to medical and dental services in the country. There have been several occasions where the institute was put to question due to its corrupt practices, administrative staff and system which is outdated and needs serious reforms. The administrative unit of Pmdc is extremely incapable of dealing with problems and are not ready to mend their ways of solving problems.

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Domestic problems are there but Pmdc fails to respond to the international forums. Thousands of Pakistani physicians migrate to united states of America, Australia, and other foreign countries every year to carry out their professional training and then settles there. It is easy for physicians to find a job there than it is here. Our doctors are on strike after almost every month due to salary issues and job hours. The prevailing medical condition in the country and hospitals are dreadful and people try not to use government medical facilities if they can afford private. Same is the case with physicians, every professional and outstanding medical student dreams of American immigration because who doesn’t like to work at a place where there are options, opportunities, and facilities. 

Almost 12000 active licensed doctors are working in the USA alone and around 2300 are working in Australia. When these doctors need temporary registration with Pmdc to get their certificates abroad then PMDC doesn’t facilitate them. The process is extremely exhausting, time taking and often they aren’t ready to help. Pmdc requires the documents to be sent physically when they can be emailed to them easily. Most of the foreign medical hospitals have their fully secure email addresses for this very purpose and even the supervisors are willing to send the documents using email but Pmdc doesn’t agree to do so. They want the doctors to send the documents in the post through Pakistan’ embassy and often the documents are lost in the way and didn’t reach the destination. It takes a week and even months what could be done in days. Indian and Bangladeshi physicians get their registration certificates in days whereas our physicians must wait for months to get the registration. Pmdc as an institution needs serious reforms and that might take a lot of resources and time, but this issue can be resolved if someone is willing to take a stance, start the initiative to cooperate with the physicians abroad rather than making their life difficult.

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The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has always been very appreciative and supportive of the role of overseas Pakistani and how they add to the economy in the form of remittances and declared them as an asset to Pakistan, but it is these incompetent institutions that are creating hurdles in the way of facilitation for the overseas Pakistanis. They are also representing Pakistan abroad and if we are going to treat them this way then how can we complain of brain-drain and all? We should be helping them in getting their training from abroad and bring us a good name back home.


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