Latest Government Jobs in Pakistan

Dept./Company & Company Name Announced Last Date Posts Qualification BPS Experience Action
24-Jul-19 05-Aug-19 1 - - -
20-Jun-19 08-Jul-19 1 - - -

Planning and Development Department Govt of Sindh

Jobs In Planning And Development Department Govt Of Sindh 15 Apr 2019
15-Apr-19 25-Apr-19 1 - - -

Finance Department Govt of Sindh

Jobs In Finance Department Govt Of Sindh 26 Mar 2019
26-Mar-19 15-Apr-19 1 - - -
21-Mar-19 30-Apr-19 37 - - -
23-Nov-18 10-Dec-18 1297 - - -
19-Sep-18 25-Sep-18 1 - - -

Public Health Engineering Department

Jobs In Public Health Engineering Division 08 Aug 2018
08-Aug-18 10-Sep-18 26 - - -
22-Jul-18 30-Jul-18 15 - - -

Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works Limited

Jobs In Karachi Shipyard And Engineering Works Limited 15 Apr 2018
15-Apr-18 30-Apr-18 1 - - -

Find the latest government jobs in Kahuta 2020 with lall information and details of afvertisement of career opportunities in this city of Pakistan. Kahuta is an evaluation assigned city and tehsil in the Rawalpindi District of Punjab Province, Pakistan. The number of inhabitants in the Kahuta Tehsil is roughly 160,000 at the 2008 statistics. Kahuta is the home to the Kahuta Research Laboratories (KRL) which was established to embrace the Kahuta Project as a major aspect of the nuclear bomb venture. Before the Kahuta Project, the site was possessed by resigned officers of Pakistan Armed Forces and contained a little open group, including a private secondary school. The name "kahuta" was begun from the name of tree, widely established there. The nearby name of the tree is "koh".