Special Education Center. Govt Special Education Center 2021 job. Special Education Center Government of Pakistan. Jobs in Special Education Center. Special Education Center is a higher perority area by Government of Punjab and under the supervision of Education Department. It provide teacher training for taught special children in special education institute. Career Opportunities in Govt Special Education Center are display on this page.

Special Education Center institutions are function under the control of Education Department. These institutions are blind and deaf students which is develop their skill to enhance the ability and motivation to survive in outside of world. Different institutions are operate in both government and private sector. The School was developed in almost 70s inspection team given status of Deaf, Dumb and Blind wing. 

institution are responsible for provide resources to special children for their education needs and requirements also train teachers for special educations and arrange sport activities for students. It also perform in running a campaign for public knowledge, for create friendly behavior for special needs in work or public places .