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Govt Holding Pvt Limited. Jobs in Govt Holding Private Limited Pakistan. Latest Vacancy in Government Holding Private Limited Government of Pakistan,  Latest Jobs in Govt Holding Pvt Limited. Search new Advertisement of vacancy in GHPL Pakistan. Govt Holding Pvt Limited is perform their operation for handling government of Pakistan interest in petroleum dealing which is develop on joint company. GHPL Pakistan jobs 2021 are display on this page.

Govt Holding Pvt Limited is operate their works in the supervision of Government of Punjab and its operation are include handling the regular and customize or specific functions to manage to petroleum finding and its production. This is a joint company which means its receive work certification from various companies and it is completely supervised owned to government of Pakistan. Companies are separate according to their working nature. Some are perform their duty as Exploration of Petroleum and some are operate in it's production. This operations are distributed among the partners.

Govt Holding Pvt Limited starts it's operation in 2001 and it's main operation include verification of licenses and development of these licenses under the act. GHPL is upgrade as full participator in petroleum exploration. After approval of license, work strategy and contract signing are done by the government with companies and meetings are arranged for discussing issues by each company.