Latest Adverstiment in Frequency  Allocation Board Government of Pakistan. Search New Govt jobs in Frequency Allocation Board. Frequency Allocation Board job 2021The Frequency Allocation Board is perform it's operation as verification and assigning the portions of Wireless spectrum to deal with users in the country. Jobs in Govt FAB 2021 are display on this page.

Frequency Allocation Board is perform its duties under the supervision of Government of Pakistan and its mainly functions include to check and verify the national spectrum of wireless range across Pakistan. it also coordinate with various department for make agreements to link with nearly satellites to fulfill the national requirements which contained in technology. Table of Frequency is the document which is introduced in our country but it is not for assign for specific users. which range can be used and medium can be required in effective management can be decide by FAB. This process contain detailed allocation of range in various services for frequency arrangements, Various types of services require different technical documentation.

Frequency Allocation Board government of Pakistan is the live broadcasting technical documentation which is used various range in different types of medium which range is best is decide by FAB. it's function contain communication services through satellite to users for performing various types of services.