Govt Economic Affairs DivisionGovt Economic Affairs Division Government of Pakistan. New Govt Economic Affairs Division pakistan jobs. Latest Career Opportunities in Govt Economic Affairs Division 2021. Economic Affairs Division is responsible for the calculation of requirements and discussion on situation of ecconomical units and its perform under the supervision of Government of pakistan. Ead pakistan job 2021 are display on this page.

Economic Affairs Division is supervision of the Punjab Government and its responsible for the economic situation their legislation criteria with foreign government and joint venture agencies. It's also responsible and take action on debt management both National level and International level that matters the technically communication to foriegn countries, and take credit to friendly countries and check all resources with is used during the working of Economic Affairs Division in country.

Major Objective and purpose of Economic Affairs Division government of Pakistan includes discussion to secure technically help to Pakistan from international organizations and make debt management authorization both national and international level respectively. During the procedure of external debt service, accounts and evaluation of economic help can be reviewed consider it as complete.