Latest Jobs in Council of Islamic Ideology Govt of Pakistan. 2021 opportunities in Council of Islamic Ideology Pakistan. New Jobs in Council of Islamic Ideology government of Pakistan 2021. Employment Positions in Council of Islamic Ideology 2021Council of Islamic Ideology is responsible to verification and analyzation of law whether it is acceptable according to Islam point of view or not . Jobs in Cii 2021 are display on this page.

The Council of Islamic Ideology was established in 60s according to the constitution of Pakistan and its prime function include is verification of legislature which initially implement in law or already implement is follow the instruction of Hadith and Sunnah. The council name was changed after its proposal as "Islamic commission" . The commission is also responsible for recommendation to parliament and assemblies to encourage Muslims of Pakistan to follow the Islamic instruction in their lives and make better person in society as well for afterlife.

Its function also include to give suggestions to political leaders as well as assemblies or referred to commission as whether proposed law is according to the Instruction of Islam or not.